About Us

Welcome to Spoon Gourmet foods, and the iconic Spoon brand of preserves!

Started from the country home kitchen years ago, always packaged it beautifully, people liked the product, started selling it, decided to go online in 2015 - here we are!

You'll enjoy our core philosophy of selling all the favourities - recreating the magical gift of raspberry jam or marmalade that you used to get from grandma, now presented with the iconic timber spoon - our range is great for you to enjoy as a family, or a perfect gift...

What are you waiting for? Order today and look forward to taste of the country kitchen!

Wholesale, Bulk Order, and Special Order Enquiries Welcome!

We'd love to hear from you...! Send us a note any time: johnchris@tarraway.com.au or call us on  0437 011 844

Spoon Gourmet Foods
8 Greenway St

ABN: 84 949 989 365